There is a cardinal who lives in the next yard who very often sings close to my window a very strong, “What-cheer, what-cheer, what-cheer.”  None of that peter-pretty stuff for him.  I know a lot of people don’t like very loud birds but I love that he’s so vocal and so close.  It’s like listening to someone play classical music - familiar and soothing.

Now I hear a loud chatter/rattle - that may be the wren.  The other day when I was going to my car to head to work I saw the neighbor across the street in her yard with her very old dog, staring up into the trees, and could hear a chickadee scolding her at length.  I said, “That bird’s really mad at you!” and she laughed.  I’m not used to seeing people actually looking up for once, but she’s an older lady so maybe she birdwatches, too.