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[Image: A drawing of Star Trek’s Uhura sprawled across a blood-soaked Captain’s Chair, planting a knife decisively into one arm (of the chair) and staring out with a defiant gaze.]




"You will address me as ‘Sir’"

Sometimes I just have a lot of thoughts about mirror!verse Uhura. Happy thoughts.

Ho-lee shit. Uh. So. Yes.

I require this.



I’d read that.



Here’s some interesting stuff from Tiger&Bunny Hero TV Fan Mook, translated by Anonymous:
>Abbas Prison was created as a response to the increasing number of dangerous NEXT criminals
>NEXTs seem to appear all over the world and their numbers have increased very quickly after their first appearance 45 years ago
>Crapsuit’s design was inspired by Mr.Legend
>The “ears” on Barnaby’s suit are there because Saitou likes this design
>Kotetsu is generally rather thoughtless, and he’s also oblivious to women’s advances
>Barnaby is well aware that women are interested in him and knows how to handle them, but he keeps them away
>He will use everything in his disposal if he needs to accomplish something, and his thinking pattern is fundamentally rather dry
>Barnaby’s current ability to fake all sorts of friendly behaviour and expressions is the result of much work; as a teenager he was practically expressionless
>Karina’s mother also works in show-business
>Nathan’s tastes are fairly broad; both bulky Antonio and slender Barnaby are fair game
>Keith might be a total virginal mystic, but he’s rather perceptive in battle
>Keith tends to repeat himself because he really wants to make himself understood
>Saitou is good at making sweets
>Barnaby normally isn’t interested in people and doesn’t really accept them, including those who are kind to him
>Hirata (Kotetsu’s VA) actually likes Barnaby more than his own character, because he thinks he’s more complex and he understands him better

Tidbits from the magazines:
>Barnaby probably wouldn’t have any interest in becoming a Hero, if not for his circumstances. Despite being a very powerful and early awakened NEXT, he most likely would have become a scientist like his parents.
>If there’s a phrase that could describe Barnaby, it would be “Faith can move mountains.”
>NEXT powers do not seem to run in families, anybody can become a NEXT
>Kotetsu will have to learn how to make himself vulnerable as well. Letting Barnaby know how much he means to him might be the key to overcoming the crisis.
>Part of Kotetsu’s issues with getting close to people stems from his inability to control his powers when he was a boy.
>Kotetsu can be characterized by the phrase “Hate the sin, not the sinner.”
>Karina’s crush was meant to be portrayed as unreasonable.
>Morita got annoyed at the fans whining about how Barnaby should be “more tsundere” and not so mild in the second cour. After ep19 he wanted to tell them all “Well, you got your wish now.” Though apparently it will be different than simply “tsundere”.
>The staff told Go Inoue (Keith) how the story is going to proceed, including the content of the last episode. But when he tried to discuss it with the other voice actors, they all begged him to shut up, and so he did.
>Bespectacled and rather chilly, Barnaby definitely looks like the cool intellectual type. However as we could see in the scenes during his work-out and after the shower, his physique is considerably macho. After all, a hero has to keep himself in the top physical shape!


20 inkspots challenge

art by melospiza, fic by zetsubonna

10. emotions arise

“Filial piety,” she says.

He stares at her, and her fingers fall from his ruined cheekbone to his jaw.

“Maybe you aren’t a fire bending prodigy or a ruthless killing machine. You’re a good son, you’re a more than patient brother. Your instinct was to honor your family above your own glory and pride. It wasn’t a bad instinct. It was just-”

Her fingertips graze over his throat and he can’t help the way his breath hitches in his chest. All that metal, those filed dark points like blood against his pale skin- she scares him, just a bit. The harder he stares, the more subtle she is.

“A woman doesn’t want to be married to a tyrant, Zuko,” she breathes, her touch finally registers in his mind that the gleam in her eyes might be withheld tears, might be sympathy, not death. “A woman places family above everything.”

She tastes of peppers. Fireflakes. Home.

“Knock me out,” she whispers against his lips. “Don’t worry if I get hurt, just do it, and go, before she catches up.”